How to Move Heavy Items Without Lifting

Published: 16th December 2009
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People frequently lift and carry heavy objects around, and if this is not done properly and safely they can suffer with the misery and discomfort of being afflicted by back pain and strain related injuries. There are all kinds of weighty items that need to be moved around from one place to another that are not only back-breaking but very tiring.

Happily there is a quick and simple way to avoid this happening by taking the burden out of this task by smoothly sliding anything from A to B by pulling the special straps of a moving device without any risk of back strain. This form of manoeuvre takes away the struggle associated with heavy weights.

Because it is only 1/4in. thick and large enough to cater for furniture, washing machines, filing cabinets, etc., all you need to do is just tilt the object backwards and slip the device underneath and 'walk' it on centrally - no lifting involved - and it can just be slid along by pulling the straps. The top of the device is composed of rubber which has a good grip, whilst the base has an extremely low co-efficient of friction, is self-healing and can stand a lot of rough treatment.

In the Garden

It helps to put the fun factor into making the life of gardeners so much easier by just sliding heavy loads onto the device, and away you go pulling on the straps to wherever you want it to go, whether over grass, earth, shingle, driveways or rough ground - no strain on your back. The polyethylene does not wear out, it just gets scuffed.

* Is less tiring and more pleasurable than having the chore of humping around the myriad of heavy things from one place to another in the garden.

* Makes light work of moving heavy and awkward items, not only in the garden but indoors as well.

* Can negotiate steps, inclines, tricky turns and tight spaces.

* Has scores of uses such as clearing the garage, moving large plant pots, large compost bags, cement bags, tree trunks, paving slabs, statues and many other such objects.

* Saves time and physical effort by eliminating the need for extra help.

In the Conservatory

* Moving heavy plant pots is so undemanding with the moving device.

* Conservatory furniture can be slid into their desired position with ease.

In the Home

Maybe you are getting ready to move house, and even if you are on your own the moving device will enable you to move the heavy boxes for clearing the rooms. All you need to do is slide them onto the device and pull on the straps to wherever you want to put them.

* It is also indispensable for moving furniture out of the way for spring cleaning. decorating and even for shuffling items around until they are just in the position you would like.

* Even if you are a small, lightweight person, you would be able to pull a full chest of drawers and laden bookcase - though if it is a tall one someone would be needed to keep it steady.

* A fridge-freezer and a washing machine can be just slid along without the floor getting torn

* No need to empty out the filing cabinet and having papers piled on the table, just slide it to where you want it to go.

* The settee and armchairs are lovely and comfortable to sink into and relax, but they can be quite bulky and very heavy. To move these from one room to another by the moving device would require lifting on this occasion by at least two strong people at one end to up-end it onto the moving device. One person could slide the settee with the straps and an assistant or two holding and supporting the top end of the settee. This is a very neat and easy way to cope with weighty, bulky items because then you can just slide them through doorways and round tight corners with no problem.

The moving device is stable, has a large capacity, is portable and rolls up for easy carriage and storage.

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